Tuesday, July 29, 2008

babies grow too fast

I can't believe it is almost August. Miller will be 9 months!! He is still the happiest baby on the block, constantly smiling, cooing, falling over and coming up with a smile. What a joy. He isn't crawling yet, but oh so close! I don't really want him to crawl, because my life will be even that much more hectic when he does. For now, I can plop him down, give him something to chew on and I know he will be there when I get back.... not for long!

Mason is trying to ride his bike without training wheels!! yep, he sees the neighbor kid do it and he wants to be big like him. Mike has rigged a handle onto his bike so we don't break our backs trying to keep him from falling. I give him a week or two and he will be off....he has such great balance. Just like his Dad.

July was pretty busy with pool days, beach days, birthday parties, weddings, etc... The rest of the summer will bring more of the same....

Friday, July 25, 2008

so you think you can dance

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We went to Buena Park for the 4th this year. We were invited by the "new" family (Grandma Barbara and Maureen) to come see where Maureen grew up and to see how the O'Brien family celebrates the 4th. I had no idea it is still legal to sell and light off fireworks in Buena Park! What a surprise. Mason was a little timid at first, covering one ear and playing with sparklers with the other hand but Miller crashed out in the midst of it all. We had a BLAST!

Summer fun

June came and went...the start of our summer and we have only been to the beach a handful of times. I think having 2 kids makes beach going much more difficult by myself mid-week, and I feel like our weekends are packed with weddings, baby showers, bbq's, etc!! Tis the season, I suppose.

Miller is just about 8 months and still not sleeping through the night! He wakes up once, it isn't THAT bad, but come on now!! He is starting to scoot on his bottom, hates tummy time but loves to stand. He is now a full on eater... no baby food for this guy, he doesn't like it. I feel like the 2nd time around you just give the kid whatever you are eating.. no calculated plan this time. Why is it necessary to try 1food for 3 days straight and then switch anyways?? I have also come to find out that those baby foods are way over priced anyways, what a racket.

Mason has really turned into a sensitive little guy...but still testing his limits daily. He is such a joy....no really he is!!

So, June was filled with beach days, pool days, Jazz in the park, and just goofing around... enjoy