Friday, August 22, 2008

Goofing around

After the post office we hung out at Carol & Anjali's house...mainly just goofing around!! I got to play with Carol's camera....addicting!! and the kids pretended they were moto-x riders!! classic

Fieldtrip to the Post Office

Yesterday we went on a field trip with Mason's preschool to the Post Office. The kids all got to mail a letter, see where the mail gets sorted, and how it gets put in the truck. They even got a stamp coloring book. Mason brought Paige with him so she could meet all his buddies at Shuckleberries. Mason didn't want to be buddies with anyone but the mail lady! Paige was a little upset at first, she wanted to be his buddy...but luckily Anjali was there to hang out with Paige! Thanks Carol for taking such great pictures!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The McBride gathering

Last weekend we went up to Huntington Beach to hang out with the McBride's, Voigstberger's, Park's, Ortiz's... long story short, it was our semi-annual get together with the original "McBride" family! Thanks Scott & Jen for having us! We had a great time eating, drinking, swimming, and just goofing around.
Here are a few photos from the day.

Miller is 9 months old

Today I took Miller in for his 9 month check up. He weighs 17.9 lbs and its 27" long. Apparently he has "fallen" off his little growth curve. I got the comment from Dr. Park of, "looks like he is getting skinny like his brother." what? I think he must have hollow bones because he looks big and healthy to me! The doc says he looks great, but wants me to increase his calories...whatever, my kids are not big kids, genetically it is impossible! haa Why do the doctors always have to have a comment about how big (or how little) your kid is? Besides that, Miller is one healthy happy 9 month old who has just learned to wave, loves his kitty, laughs the hardest when Mason is being goofy, and has the prettiest blue eyes ever!
Happy 9 month birthday Miller!

(I am week late at posting this!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Note from Ms. Kat

I just opened my email and saw a note from Mason's preschool teacher...
this is what it read:
" Oh, and FYI- Mason came to school with a panty liner stuck around his leg. He told us it was a big bandaid from the band aid box, but when I looked closer I saw that it was panty liner. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time..........."

Are you serious? Is this really my kid? I was cracking up... I didn't know I had such a creative boy.

Here is a picture Ms. Kat took of Mason showing off his "band-aid"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A day in the life of a Mom of boys

Yesterday was Miller's 9 month birthday, but unfortunately there was no time to celebrate...Mason had a different agenda.....

Mason was a peach yesterday, let me tell you... he started the morning by finding my food coloring and decorating the outside patio and himself in blue dye while I was putting Miller down for his nap. His response... I was painting my toes like you Mamma... ok now.... thank the lord he was outside!!! and not inside... then we went swimming and I thought he was tired enough to crash out on the couch while Miller was napping, and I thought he was asleep so I laid down because I hadn't slept the night before and about 20 minutes later, I hear what I think are the neighbor kids outside, but it is Mason..he had taken all of his clothes off and turned on the hose outside and was playing in the water!! what?!?! my kid, I swear. so, no nap for him.. but he was tired so when he was riding his bike around the neighborhood he crashed and hit his mouth on his handlebars and got a fat bloody lip and while all that is going down, my washing machine drainage pipe clogs and water starts spewing all over the garage...oh joy....... really... that was my day! At least the kids were in bed and ASLEEP by 7pm...that was the only respite from my hellish day of being a MOM!!

I will post the picture of Mason covered in blue dye later:)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Dayzzzz

This past weeks weather has been so beautiful, so we have spending almost every day out at the beach or the pool. We are lucky to have 2 kids that LOVE the water! The beach can be a bit more challenging with Miller, because he thinks sand is food...but that is ok, it is good ruffage! Miller turns 9 months old in a few days! WHAT? He is starting to crawl, and continues to smile at anyone and everyone that looks his way... now if he would only SLEEP... I can't wait for when I can stop commenting on his sleep habits:)

Here are some pics of the past week pool-side & at the beach

Mr. Kickstand

I have mentioned before that Mason is obsessed with kickstands, so since he can ride his bike now, we went out and bought him one. I think Mike went through a few drill saws while cutting it down to fit the mini-bike! He now asks anyone with a bike, if they have a kickstand...even the random guy at the beach today!! He is such a character. I have updated our bike riding video, since he is now officially getting on the bike (and off, although not that gracefully) all by himself. He thinks he is better than he is though, and yesterday he ran into not 1, but 2 parked cars!! His first reaction was..."wow...that was crazy." The 2nd time, he cried.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

And He's OFF!!

Mason has started riding his bike all by himself at 3 years old!! WHAT?!?! Aren't you supposed to be like 5 when you learn to ride a bike? He is nuts.. We still have to chase after him because he will run right into things...still working on the brakes!! Today, he ran into his brother in the exersaucer. Miller just looked at him with a stunned look. It was pretty funny. Mason now wants a kickstand on his bike. That is his latest obsession. So, we told him once he rides all by himself, we will get him one. Looks like we are heading to the bike store tomorrow.