Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Days..and Nights

It is already the middle of the month? Where did it go? Here is to the beginning of the busiest month of our lives! We started it off with Mike, Marisa, and Mara's birhtday. Everyone always says, "it must be so cool to share your birthday with your husband and sister." Seriously, it isn't that cool. I mean, I love sharing it with them, but if they were all on different days, than we would have more excuses to get out and celebrate! right? Mike and I dropped the kids off and went to Temecula to go wine tasting for the day. We had to stop after 2 winerys, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to pick them up!!! We had a super random occurance at Leonesse Winery... We ended up being their "models" for a brochure.. I guess they liked that we were the only buzzed ones at their winery at Noon on a Wednesday! We scored a few bottles of wine out of the deal! Not bad.

A few nights later we went to Dana Point on my uncle's girlfriend (Lorrie's) boat. We were just going to go out into the marina and put around, but leave it up to Pat to find his way into the middle of the parade. It was a beautiful definitely needs to be a tradition for years to come.

We wish everyone a very safe, healthy, and happy Holidays!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Turkey day was a success! We celebrated at Nana's house in Leucadia this year. It was the 1st time that we have ever had Thanksgiving there, and it was so nice. Nana passed a few months ago and we all know that she would have loved to have been there (not to see the mess, just to enjoy the company!). I actually didn't stuff myself this year, probably because I was too busy making sure the kids eat to eat myself....
We had smoked turkey, bourbon sweet potatoes, corn pudding, broccoli gorgonzola casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, and of course a jello salad (in memory of Nana), apple cranberry currant pie, ginger pear crisp, pumpkin pie....anyone hungry?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Desert Weekend

We packed the family up and headed North East to Yucca Valley to visit the McBride's this past weekend. It was a quick trip, but a nice visit. Mason loved riding his bike on the dirt roads...definitely more of a remote atmosphere than he is used too! It sure is a different world out there. While taking a walk we found these HUGE footprints on the dirt road. Was it Big Foot? or do they really have Aliens out there? We lucked out with the weather, it was beautiful! While we were there we celebrated Miller's birthday & Big Papa's birthday.

On our way home we stopped by The Vanderhorst's house in Riverside (aka the "new" family). The kids had a blast playing together, and I won't lie... the adults did too:) Tim roasted pork, made the best Bacon Jalapeno Poppers, and we put back a few beers (& tequila shots..thanks Aimee!). We always have so much fun with them:) THANKS GUYS!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Miller

Wow- how time flies! Miller is one years old today. I feel like this year went by so fast. I find it hard to belive my baby is one. Miller sure has changed a lot in the past year (duh..), but really in the past few weeks! He has come into his personality. He has always been a very "easy" baby...content with a few toys, some snacks, a bottle, or just someone paying DIRECT attention to him. Lately, he has learned to scream when he wants something and cry when someone takes something away. He LOVES his brother, balls, balloons, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, watermelon, music, pulling himself up on anything, & bathtime. He HATES to sleep in, have you feed him, baby food, & grabby kids! He is such a joy for us and we can't wait to see how he really comes into his personality this year (or can I??). Here are a few pictures.. THEN and NOW. Happy Birthday Mill-dog.

We had a small family birthday party at our house last night. Grandma made a Train Cake! She spent hours and hours on this thing and we can't say THANK YOU enough!! What an amazing cake. Grandma "Bama" will do anything for her little Miller:) Thank you MOM!! you continue to out-do yourself!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Change" is upon us...

November has been a month of "change." We have heard it on the radio, seen it on tv, and read it in the papers. I feel like we have undergone a lot of change this past week too. Not only do we have a new President now (yea Obama!), but we (the McBride family) has also had a change in our daily lives. With the change in time, we now get up at 5:30am, we now eat dinner at 5pm and try to get the kids in bed by 6:30-7pm. Long gone are the days of riding bikes, going to the pool, or playing with the neighbors until 8pm! We have had a change in day we are wearing rain gear, the next we are at the beach in trunks & bathing suits. We have had a change in our daycare bill:) Miller started going with Mason 2 days a week to Shuckleberries, which both boys love, but our bank account doesn't! We are also about to have a "change" in neighbors...which is the worst of the changes this month. Our great neighbors, friends, cocktail hour & poker buddies are packing up and moving... yes, it may only be 2 miles away but they won't be right across the street anymore. I told Mason the other day that his friend Scotty will be moving next week, and he looks up at me with these sad eyes and says, "Mom, that is sooo sad." ahhhhhh... Wilke's, we will be crashing your new cul-de-sac, so tell all your neighbors that you come with baggage!

One more big change is about to happen too... Miller is turning 1 next week! Where has the time gone?

We hope all of our friends & family are enjoying the change of the seasons (well not really in So.Cal), the change of our President, and whatever other changes are going on out there. I have always remembered my parents telling me... "change may not always be easy, but it is usually always for the best."

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ho Ho Ho Merry Halloween

Christmas came early this year...on Halloween. We did the annual Pumpkin Walk in Encinitas. I have to say it totally wears me out every year & is a bit stressful getting it all together, but it is always worth it:) We ended the night with the band PB&J... the kids just loved it. Here are a few shots of Santa, Rudolph & his helpers and our friends along the way.

Halloween at Shuckelberries Preschool

Halloween started off with the boys preschool party. We all dressed up, did a parade, had treats, and played games:) Miller wasn't into this reindeer ears, so we did our best to dress him as Rudolph. Mason, on the other hand, makes a great Santa:) Tonight we will be walking around downtown Encinitas with our "sled", handing out candycanes....

Thanks Ms. Kat for a great Halloween party!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nick & Amy's Wedding in Auburn

Not only was it our 5 year anniversary on October 25th, but it was also one of my best friends wedding day in Auburn. Mike and I left the kids at home and headed North to celebrate! I was lucky enough to be one of Amy's bridesmaids. We stayed at a lake front home for the weekend in preparation for the big day. The weather was perfect, Amy was the most beautiful bride, and we cleaned up pretty well too! I was able to get a little creative with my camera. Here are a few of my favorite shots. CONGRATS Nick & Amy...we can't wait to celebrate our anniversary's together in the years to come.