Friday, May 23, 2008

My baby is 3

Mason turned 3 a few weeks ago. I can't believe it. The cliche of "time flies when you are having fun" is so true! It must be flying by because we don't sleep either!! We celebrated Mason's birthday at the Padre game. He recently has come to love baseball, so we thought that would be a perfect place to celebrate.

I thought I would be able to take a sigh of relief that the "terrible twos" were over, but that is a joke. I think the "3's" are harder!! Someone needs to make up a saying, like the "Torturous Threes." Torturous for the parents, of course. Mason sure is full of personality and spirit.

Miller is 6 months now and sitting up! His favorite things to do right now is to play with Mason's toy motorcycles, chew on anything that comes near his mouth, and laugh hysterically at his bro... He is the happiest baby I have ever met...amazing because he doesn't sleep all that good! oh well, I will be wishing I had these moments back in a few years. I can sleep later:)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I apologize for not "blogging" more, but life is hectic with 2 little boys, work, the business, family, etc!! I do have to say there is never a dull moment at the McBride house.

I have come to find out that boys are very special creatures. Growing up with only a sister, I was never really fully aware of their special talents!! I came across Mason's the other day.....his talent is making "bathrooms" out of anything and everything. When asking him the other day, where one of Miller's toys were, he pointed over to the pack 'n play that was set up in the living room, and says, "It's in Miller's bathroom!" It took me a second to figure it out but then it clicked...that is where we change Miller's diaper, so of course it makes sense to call it a bathroom!

But the latest "bathroom" story is a bit more creative. Last week we were on our way out the door and I asked Mason if he wanted to go to the bathroom and he said, "I did!" Great, I thought...then he walked into the garage, over to the bucket that we soak dirty clothes in, and says, "See Mama, I went pee pee in the bucket!"

I do have to say that having boys makes the potty situation much easier!! I hope that we don't kill too many plants in the process!

May will bring Mason's 3rd birthday and Miller will be 6 months old! Time is flying...