Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dad's Rock

My kids are the luckiest kids out there. They have an amazing Father who has found a wonderful balance between being a kid and being a Dad. They trust him, they honor him, they admire him, and most of all...they LOVE him! I always knew that my husband would be a great Dad. I knew this before I knew he would make a great Father. Yes, my kids are lucky...and so am I!

Gift to Daddy from the Boys

For Father's Day, we spent the day at my parents house, celebrating with my Dad, Mom, my sister and her family, and my Grandma. The sun finally came out, it was a perfect day of swimming, BBQing, whipping up cocktails, and just RELAXING.

Even Grandpa John made it in the Dad shot!

Dad's and their Kids

Family Tradition.....Trifle

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I planted 9 tomato plants awhile back... Today was the 1st of our harvest. I have to admit that I haven't been the best tomato mama. I sometimes forget to water them, I haven't continued to stake them as they grow, and sometimes the kids run into them while they ride their bikes on the path where they grow. But guess what?!?! They are still bearing fruit! Mason actually picked 3 tomatoes today and ate them all...within minutes.

Now, if only Miller would taste them!! I am pretty sure that by the end of summer, we will have OD'd on these beautifully sweet & juicy fruits.... or are they vegetables?