Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Days..and Nights

It is already the middle of the month? Where did it go? Here is to the beginning of the busiest month of our lives! We started it off with Mike, Marisa, and Mara's birhtday. Everyone always says, "it must be so cool to share your birthday with your husband and sister." Seriously, it isn't that cool. I mean, I love sharing it with them, but if they were all on different days, than we would have more excuses to get out and celebrate! right? Mike and I dropped the kids off and went to Temecula to go wine tasting for the day. We had to stop after 2 winerys, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to pick them up!!! We had a super random occurance at Leonesse Winery... We ended up being their "models" for a brochure.. I guess they liked that we were the only buzzed ones at their winery at Noon on a Wednesday! We scored a few bottles of wine out of the deal! Not bad.

A few nights later we went to Dana Point on my uncle's girlfriend (Lorrie's) boat. We were just going to go out into the marina and put around, but leave it up to Pat to find his way into the middle of the parade. It was a beautiful definitely needs to be a tradition for years to come.

We wish everyone a very safe, healthy, and happy Holidays!