Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Poppy

September 8th was my Dad's (aka Poppy's) birthday! We had a mellow birthday dinner at my parents house. The kids favorite part was blowing out the candles! We even got all the kids in the tub together! That was a feat...

A whirwind of a few weeks

In Loving Memory of:
Gloria Peter
May 1920-September 2008

A lot has happened since I last posted... we had my Dad's 62nd birthday, went to Tahoe for a week for a family vacation and to celebrate our friends marriage, found out my Nana had passed away, prepared for the service, Mason started PeeWee Sports, Miller started daycare once a week with Mason, I went to Santa Barbara for a Bachelorette party and came home to lay my Nana to rest this past Tuesday. It has been a fun, challenging, emotional, & exhausting past 3 weeks. I will put pics up of the various trips later!

As for the family... Miller is 10+ months now and getting into everyting!! He loves to crawl and has mastered it! He is ALMOST sleeping consistently through the night if his brother doesn't wake him up. Mason is trying to NOT nap! ahhh--- it is horrible, but at least it is few and far between. Mike is busy with the business, and I am busy with the kids, work, the business, and mourning the loss of my Nana. I keep telling myself, in her words, "Today may be hard, but tomorrow will be better."

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A "Quadrific" Birthday

We went to Mason's friend, Sully's, 4th birthday party today. He loves motorcycles, dirt bikes, quads, & racecars just as much as Mason does.... so you can imagine how excited we were to go! The Engelman's know how to throw a fun (& creative) party:) Courtney even made a Baja 5000 racecar cake! With donut wheels and everything! The kids also pinned the wheel on the off road truck & hit the race car pinata. Thanks for all the fun!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another pool day

We went to our friend Shamera, Madison, & Dylan's family pool yesterday! We had so much fun! We finally got to meet baby Dylan. Mason loved the pool, especially because it had a fountain in it! Miller became fast friends with Samson (they are only a few months apart!). Hard to believe summer is almost over. Thanks Sham for having us over!

Miller's 1st Digger

Miller is pulling himself up on everything these days. Just the other day, he was standing up, holding onto a chair and he took a nosedive into the chair. He smacked his head pretty hard, and got his first big "ouwie". He only cried for a bit, and then was ready for dinner:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our New Camera

We bought a new camera yesterday! I have so much to learn... but I am sure this will be my new hobby. There is not a better time than when your kids are young to have the photobug:) I definitely have it! Here are a few shots from my "practice" round. Thanks Carol for giving me some tips!