Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Spot of Tea

I am about to be an "Auntie" again to another baby GIRL! I figured it was (most likely) my last shot at throwing a baby shower. I have been to a few "teas" before and thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate my sister and her baby to be.
I never realized how much work goes into a tea. I couldn't have done it without my super talented Mom, who insisted on the fine china, silverware, and pressed table cloths. On the Menu...Tea Sandwiches, Scones from a local bakery, Fennel & Goat Cheese Salad, Fruit Salad, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Lemon Berry Angel Food Cake, TEA (of course), and quite a few bottles of Champagne. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful Mother. I am planning on blogging more about the food on my "New" blog...
For now, here are a few pics of the day.

Name the Famous Baby Mama... Stef won, she knew all the Famous Mom's and their kids names (First and Middle Names!)... I think she reads US Weekly.

Tea Sandwiches

Cake and decor

My Mother and her girls...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

There you are Sun

These past weeks have been a little gloomy around here:( Probably, the ONLY bummer about living at the beach! May and June can be dreary. I am a lizard and I need my sun! I wanted my lizard loving pals from my old neighborhood, and their kids to come over for a day of slip 'n slide and snacks. They all showed up with yummy treats and bathing suits. And what did we have to offer? Gray skies. We popped open some bubbly and squeezed some OJ for Mimosa's...surely, our playdate doesn't need to be gloomy! And what do you know?!? The sun showed up! It only stayed for an hour, but we were sure to enjoy every last minute of it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My babies are growing up so fast

This month marks Mason's 4th birthday and Miller's 18 month-day. I feel like the time is just flying by, I know that sounds so cliche, but it is true! I think the 4 year old age is my favorite thus far. Mason is a little man now. He is able to understand consequences, is easily bribed, and thinks his feet grow everytime he takes a bite of food! He loves to learn, ride his bike, and his latest obsession...DIRT BIKES. His Daddy & Poppy bought him a Honda 50 for his birthday. I was not happy about this. I just felt like he is too young and little. My husband assured me that he will be fine on it. I insisted on full gear and training wheels.

I realize that Mason is not your normal 4 year old, when it comes to balance & sports. He is extremely agile and fearless. He has been riding a bike since he just turned 3! He is one tough little kid. I know that I will be at the Emergency room many times with this one. Happy Birthday little man.

I have been putting off admitting that my baby is now 1 1/2 years old. I remember this is when the "terrible two's" started with Mason. Miller hasn't completely broked down into fits yet, but he is close! He is definitely not a baby, adores his older brother, and is soon to be my next "thrill seeker." He loves dirtbikes & skateboards just as much as his brother. He has even mastered the motorcycle noise! He babbles most of the day and I try my hardest to figure out what he says. I think yesterday, he told his Grandma that her shoes were "pretty." He can easily point out the moon, loves to watch movies (unlike his bro), and would eat cereal all day long with his Daddy. He is such a joy and has the best "kissy face" ever! Please stay little awhile longer Miller!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Our lives changed for the better 4 years ago today (well yesterday). Mason turned FOUR. Really, where did the time go? I remember being nervous, anxious, and so excited for him to be born. Little did I know, that those feelings of parenthood don't go away. They just take on different meanings.

For his birthday, we threw a pirate-themed party. I wanted to just do something simple, so we could enjoy the day and not be too caught up in the details. Afterall, this is a day to celebrate, not stress!

We gathered up some pirate gear and off we went. Here are a few photos of the day.

Grandma & her scalleywags

The mate's proud parents

The cake, made by Mason's super talented Grandma.

Treasure chest filled with swords, telescopes, jewels, coins, and pirate snacks. For pirate snacks, I put mixed Pirate's Booty, Peanuts, Raisins, & Red Hots in a celophane pirate bag. I got all of the favors from

Pirate Snacks of Pirate's Booty, Peg-Legs (carrot sticks), Planks (celery & peanut butter), Canonballs (meatballs), and fruit.

And finally...the littlest scalleywag of the bunch.

Happy Birthday Mason! We love you bud.