Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holiday's

Our Christmas pics this year... I figured out how to use Picasa and edit the easy and FREE... gotta love that. I still don't know how to use the Photoshop I have, so this works for now.

We Miss You

Christine McBride
All I can say is that my blogging is pathetic... really, I kind of just left it behind this Fall & Winter. It is quite a shame actually because Fall is my favorite time of year... this year, though it was rough on our family. We lost a loved one, a friend, a mother.... a grandmother. I don't know if a death in the family is what put me into hiding on my blogging... I know she loved to read my updates, and will probably have a notice in her inbox tonight showing that I finally updated my blog. I hope she can still open her "email" in heaven.... I hope she can see how she was missed this holiday season....I hope she knows how much we miss her. We love you Grandma Chris.