Friday, February 5, 2010

the boy eats fruit

Miller is my picky kid... the one that puts everything to his mouth, hesitantly, as if the food will come out and bite him! His palate is very plain...mainly boring kid food. He only eats 2 kinds of fruit....tangerine & orange, and he has to peel them himself. Today, we picked out a watermelon, brought it home, cut it up and much to my surprise....he ATE it! He called the little cubes, "waarmulen boxes"...and he "lubed them." Music to mama's ears.


Carol said...

love the little text you added in each picture.
Yay for Miller!

Kat said...

so cute! i "lube" watermelon too! cute pictures, and i also love the text :)

sara.hamitouche said...

Nice pic..